7 impressive productivity apps that’ll leave you more time in bed

Whether you’re the kind of person who struggles to crawl out from under the covers, or an early bird who springs out of bed at the first ray of sunrise, successful business men and women all want one thing in the morning (besides coffee) and that is increased productivity. Cue: these seven innovative and creative apps that will knock a bunch of time off your morning routine.

1. Wunderlist

For assigning staff their workload


Cost: Free

Let’s be real, there’s practically no better feeling in the world than crossing something off your to do list, right? Well, now you can do it digitally with Wunderlist. The smart little app may sound straight forward, but it’s the simplicity that makes it so great. You can create as many lists as you like, and file them accordingly. Then, you can assign users/employees things to do off your list with a due date, making it perfect for staff management when you’re out of the office.

2. Inkflow

For those who think visually 


Cost: Basic edition free, plus edition $7.99

Sometimes it can be hard to capture exactly what you’re imagining with simple text. That’s where Inkflow comes in. It’s a brainstorming app that you can use to scribble, develop and refine your ideas, all on your iPad. Inkflow includes a fully customisable colour palette, pencil and eraser tool, paintbrush tool as well as the option to resize, reposition and re-image your layouts without compromising any quality. One of Inkflow’s coolest tools is the capacity to use your ipad/iphones camera to convert your written notes and sketches into inkflow format.

3. Speek

For your morning meeting with remote teams


Cost: Free

Conference calling can get confusing, there’s so many different avenues you can take, so it can be handy for you and all your employees to have one simple app which you can all use – like Speek. Instead of dealing with phone numbers and dreaded international codes, all you have to do is make a link and send it to the callers you want in the conference. They can access the call via phone, tablet or desktop computer. Voila, no ring tones, no hold music - just business.

4. Letterspace

For when you don’t have your notebook handy


Cost: $4.99

Yes, we’re all super familiar with the default note app on all iPhones. But, have you ever tried editing a document in there? Pure hell.  But, we’ve all had times where our note book, tablet or laptop hasn’t been handy and our only option is take notes on our phone. Editing them can be super fiddly especially when trying to highlight just what you want to delete or move. Thankfully Letterspace has a swipe to move bar which is really handy for moving around a paragraph. Plus, you can organise your notes as you write. Letterspace utilises hashtags, so as soon as you enter one your note will be indexed and grouped accordingly.

5. AutoSMS

For multitasking


Cost: $2.38

Mornings are busy, so it can be a pain when you’re trying to get yourself sorted for the day but are constantly interrupted by text messages you have to read. Thankfully, AutoSMS can take care of that for you. The app can read aloud your text messages every time you receive one. Think: brushing your teeth and doing business at the same time – ultimate multi tasking! The clever little app can also send an automatic response to all SMS and calls too.

6. Workflow

For managing your workload


Cost: $2.99

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this impressive little app has come from the Jetson’s day and age. You can built a flow chart of everything you need to do for the day – by stringing them together in one action. So in a practical sense that means in your workflow you can include a button to order an Uber before your lunch meeting, and another button to call mum at 2pm on her birthday (or order her flowers for that matter). You can then turn that workflow into an app on your homescreen so you have quick access.  There’s support for over 150 actions, so practically anything you can do on your iPhone can be strung together into one sequence that can be carried out at the touch of a button. It’s the kind of app you have to see to believe!

7. Streaks

Organisation that’s so gimmicky it’s great


Cost: $3.99

Who doesn’t like being on a winning streak? That’s where Streak’s little gimmick comes in. Each you enter six things you want to get done for the day, and as they’re completed you check them off. The fun part? Streak let’s you know how many days you’ve kept up your streak and completed all your tasks. What better incentive to do that thing you’ve been procrastinating?

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