There was a time, not too long ago, when businesses competed on features and benefits. Brands succeeded because they were the oldest, highest quality, safest or most flexible. It was all about being 'better'.

But now, we've entered an era conscious consumption.

Features and benefits are simply table stakes. It's not enough to be better, you need to be different. And the new brand differentiator is what you believe in. People want to support businesses who stand for something. From where they work, to the brands they buy, people are looking for brands who care about purpose, not just profit.

  • 2 in 3 consumers will pay more for products and services from brands that are committed to making a positive social impact (Nielsen)
  • 86% of consumers agree that CEOs should speak out on societal issues (Edelman Trust Barometer)
  • 66% would switch from a product they typically buy, to a new product from a purpose-driven company. This goes up to 91% when millennials are polled (Cone/Porter Novelli).

Businesses who understand the shift are no longer just selling a product or service.

Their brand isn't just a logo or a set of forgotten values on the wall. Their brand is a bigger belief that makes their product necessary. And that belief guides every business decision they make.

These brand-led business have armed themselves with one of the most important assets a business can have in a world filled with choice but lacking in time— a decision making filter.

Brand is the filter that separates opportunities from distractions. Without it, businesses are losing time, money and momentum.

"Our clients are unprofitable, draining and demanding."
“Our clients don’t understand the value of what we do.”
“We’re not on the same page.”
“It’s hard to explain what we do.”
“We’re scattered and unfocused.”
“Our team is disengaged and unproductive.”
“We’ve lost excitement and passion for our work.”
“We can’t seem to attract and retain top talent.”

Make the move to brand-led.

For those ready to embrace a brand-led approach, trying to find the words to articulate what you want to be known for isn’t always easy. Your ideas can feel abstract and hard to explain. And, more often than not, you’re just too close to it all to see things clearly.

But perhaps the biggest obstacle in rebranding, whether you hire an agency or are tackling your rebrand internally, is the time it takes.

The strategic process can take several months of back and forth to gain consensus and uncover the right narrative. And every day that passes, you’re still stuck treading water and missing out on growth opportunities.

So, we asked "how can we guide businesses through the rebranding process in less time so they can launch sooner?"

Sprint-based workshops

Find Your Focus: Foundations

Gain consensus and clarity in days, not months, with a data-driven, brand decision-making intensive.

How it works

1. Book a workshop

Request to book a workshop by completing our Traction Questionnaire. We'll review your responses to ensure Find Your Focus is a good fit to help you achieve your business goals. From there we will set up a call to answer any of your questions.

2. Lock in your dates

It's critical that we get everyone involved who needs to have a say in the future of your brand, so make sure your key players are all available. Once you've chosen your dates, you'll receive a calendar invitation to lock them in.

3. Attend the workshop sprints

Join us for your workshop sessions and get ready to unlock massive clarity in your brand direction. We run workshops in-person (for Perth businesses) or online via Zoom. Our facilitators will guide you through each exercise and help everyone to get on the same page.

4. Receive your report

Once your workshops are complete, you'll receive your Find Your Focus Report within a week so you can start applying the findings and taking action on your priorities.

The amount of time, effort and energy I put into trying to figure out my brand, left me with no answers and more questions.

Baker Creative allowed our team to take what we unconsciously understood about our brand, and make it conscious. Now we're in the new chapter of our business and excited to show the world what we have in store."
Paul Ramondo
The Brightside Agency


Before working with Baker Creative, our brand wasn't representative of the business and we were finding it hard to 'sell' to a younger generation of business owners.

Now, the whole team loves the new brand and we are able to communicate our business in a way that's not typically seen in the financial services industry."

Sarina Shaw
Here Business & Wealth

Research-Driven Decision Making

Our research-driven process ensures we build your brand from your audience's reality. We use market data to inform decision-making throughout the sprint.

Brand Insights Report

After the workshop, you’ll receive a comprehensive digital report. This outlines all your brand decisions, statements and findings and can be shared with other team members or stakeholders to help gain buy-in.

In Person or Online

Attend our workshops online via Zoom, or Perth-based businesses can join us in-person. All participants will have free access to interactive software that allows your team to collaborate and brainstorm in real time.

Questions others asked before booking

Do we need to prepare or bring anything?

Yes, prior to the workshop, we'll ask you to provide us with information about your current brand, and you'll need to take a few minutes to create a free account to access the software we'll use for the workshop.

Each person will also need a laptop with a mouse. If connecting virtually you'll need a webcam (if it's not built-in to your computer) and reliable internet connection too.

Aside from that, we just need you to bring along a well-rested, sharp mind!

How long do sessions run for?

Our Essentials workshop runs for 1 full day and our Signature workshop runs over 2 full days. Each day is typically 7 hours. This timing is approximate as each group works through the exercises at a different pace, and we like to have flexibility to follow interesting lines of discussion throughout the day.

Can you also help with visual identity design?

Yes, often rebrands involve a change in visuals so this is a really popular request. If before or during the workshop sprints your team decide you need to update your visuals, we can chat to you about our 5-phase visual identity process.

We require all our visual identity clients to have completed a Find Your Focus workshop (or similar brand strategy) prior to working together as it is instrumental in ensuring we can ensure your visuals help you in communicating the right message to the right people.

Are the virtual workshops as effective as in person?

Yes! Our in person and online workshops are almost identical, so whether you're in Perth, or like many of our clients, spotted across Australia, you and your team will get all the benefits of a Find Your Focus workshop.

Our online workshops simply allow us to work with remote teams and avoid any delays due to social distancing rules. Plus, there's no travel time, and everyone gets to enjoy the comfort of their own space and setup.

Do your workshops include naming?

No, they don't. Find Your Focus is a great precursor to choosing a new name because it solidifies your direction, difference and personality, which will all influence the name you decide on.

Choosing a new name is a process in and of itself, and unfortunately we don't have time allocated within this workshop to help you uncover your name.

Find Your Focus: Foundations


Our workshops help everyone on your team to focus their energy in the same direction, so you can gain massive momentum. Choose the package that works best for you and click 'book a workshop' to get started.

Lite Package

1. Audience Definition
2. User Statement
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Reputation
5. Personality
1 online, full day session
For teams of 2-5 people
Brand Report
All software and materials
2 Brand Facilitators


Premium Package

1. Audience Definition
2. User Statement
3. Competitor Analysis
4. Positioning Statements
5. Reputation
6. Personality
7. Values
8. Mission
9. Purpose
10. Vision
11. Objectives & Priorities
2 full day sessions
For teams of 2-5 people
Brand Report
All software and materials
2 Brand Facilitators


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