Every business has a story worth sharing. We'll help you find yours.

It's hard to cut through the noise in this busy world without being a little bit different. But, if you're like so many business owners, putting your finger on what makes you unique can feel like an unsolvable riddle. Often, we're just too close to what we do to see things clearly.

That's where we come in. We'll help you unpack all the things that make you different in your space, and communicate those ideas through your visuals, words and website. Together, we'll help your ideal audience to see why you're no longer just another choice. In fact, you're the only choice, because you're incomparable.

Many founders spend years trying to untangle their brand on their own. With a fresh set of eyes and proven process, we can help you gain clarity and alignment in weeks. Let's uncover your story.

How we do things. The core values that guide our studio and our work.
Be Willing to Rethink

We keep an open-mind. We admit what we don't know, learn from others and are willing to zig when others zag.

Every Moment Matters

The journey is just as important as the final product. Build trust and delight in every moment.

More Isn't Better

Do a few things, really well. Focus on substance, not volume. Impact, not hours. And don't forget to leave space for fun.

Life Beyond Work

The quality of our work is influenced by the quality of our lives. We work to live, we don't live to work.

Our Core Team

Meet Kane
Kane Baker
Co Founder
Meet Lisa
Lisa D'Andrea
Co Founder
Meet Harley
Harley Baker
Paper Shredder

While we keep our core squad tight knit, we also love bringing in extra pro players to help us build stand out brands. Looking to collaborate or join the team? Say hello.

Featured Clients

Some of the stand-out brands we've had the pleasure of working with.

Now you know us.
Who are you?

You're the type of leader who wants to raise the bar. You're always looking for ways to improve and grow. And the idea of helping more people and growing your impact amps you up.

Your team? They're like family. So you're committed to creating the kind of culture that makes work both fun and meaningful. And, when you think about your ideal brand, you want to make it worth following, not just because of what it does, but because of what it believes in.

Sound like you? We could be a better match than red wine and Friday nights. All of our projects start with a conversation, so let's have one.

Previous Projects

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The Brightside Agency
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