Everyone has a story worth sharing. We’ll help you tell yours.

Baker Creative Website Team

As your business evolves, so should your online presence. If it no longer reflects who you are or where you’re headed, we’ll make your vision visible.

How We Help





Web Design



Our Process


How We Work

1. Stategy & Planning

First, you'll join us for a user experience workshop where we'll get to know your brand, your goals and your customers. With a clear direction, we can make recommendations for building an elevated online experience tailored to your needs.

2. Content Development

Content is critical for an impactful, engaging website. We'll work with you to source or create your website's copy, imagery and graphics.

3. Web Design

From fonts and colours, to spacing and layouts, we'll discuss the design opportunities that align with your brand's personality and positioning. Once we're aligned on a direction, we'll custom-design your website pages.

4. Web Development

This is where your website comes to life. We'll build your website's front and back end to create a seamless, intuitive online experience for your team and visitors alike.

5. Launch

We'll provide website training and assistance in launching your website. After you've launched, we'll provide support in a way that suits you— whether it's ad hoc or on a regular basis.

What We Believe

From the first interaction to the last, every moment and every detail matters.
More isn’t better. The world has enough noise. Focus on substance, not volume, impact not hours.
Good brands sell products and services. Great brands sell ideas.
Don’t set out to be different. Set out to be authentic.



For exceptional ease of use, customisability and adaptability, we build exclusively in Webflow.

Platform Support

Webflow provides fast, helpful email support should you encounter an issue with your website functionality or hosting. Their team is located around the world and generally respond to each request within 24-48 business hours, although often it’s a lot sooner.

Low Maintenance

Webflow has no updates to run or packages to install. Because Webflow is fully hosted, they are responsible for upkeep and updates of their system, so you don’t need to worry about it. As they add more features or update their platform, you’ll automatically gain access.


Webflow automatically saves and backs up your website, so you can easily roll back to a previous version of your website. You can also create save points to mark progress and track changes.


Webflow gives you control over your website’s SEO, including meta descriptions, title tags, indexing rules, redirects, schema, sitemaps, alt tags and more.

Native Forms

Webflow allows you to build custom forms natively, so you don’t need additional plugins or apps to manage your forms.

Visual Editing

Within Webflow, you can create and edit content right on your page and view your changes visually. There’s no need to navigate code to make changes. You can also invite Collaborators to edit your site with their own login, without giving full access to your website.