Why it’s time to ditch your newsletter

I can’t remember the last time I felt compelled to exchange my email just for the thrill of adding to my already crowded email inbox.

So, when I see websites with a call to action to ‘sign up for our newsletter’ or 'subscribe' like in the example below, I'm always curious about how many signups they actually get. 

Source: Squarespace

In my experience, the numbers aren’t great. Or, at least they could be improved.

Here’s why—most of us want to get something valuable in exchange for our email. And when you ask me to ‘subscribe for news and updates’ or ‘sign up for your newsletter’ I don’t know if I’ll be getting a play-by-play of Jenny’s going away party, or information and advice to help me hit my goals and overcome my challenges. 

A confused or unsure mind always says no. 

But, rather than abandon the email list building efforts all together, here are 3 simple fixes.

And if you’re not building your email list or think email is dead, you won’t want to miss this past blog post about why email is insanely effective at generating new sales.

1. Swap your newsletter for a lead magnet

Instead of asking people to sign up for a newsletter, create a free resource that helps your visitors to gather information, or take the next step towards achieving their goals. This could be a PDF download, audio recording, video series, webinar— or any other format you think your visitors will love.

The big secret to a great lead magnet is to make sure it’s relevant to your visitor and it’s packed with lots of value. Here are some great examples—

Source: Gravy

Source: Hubspot

Check out this past post to learn more about why lead magnets are a must-have in your business, and how to reverse engineer your own.

2. Give them an irresistible incentive

If you shop online you’ve probably willingly handed over your email in exchange for a discount, extra value or free gift. This not only makes handing over an email feel like a worthy exchange, but it can also increase sales for those who are shopping on price, or who are just on-the-fence about buying. Check out these examples for inspiration.

Source: Snowe

Source: Burrow
Source: Snowe

3. Upgrade your call to action

While I think you’ll get the best results if you offer a lead magnet or incentive, this last option is a quick win if you’re short on time. And it can also be used in addition to the first 2 options on your website. 

To upgrade your call to action, all you have to do is get really clear and specific about what people are signing up for, making sure they understand the value they’re getting. You can let them in on how frequently they’ll be hearing from you, what the emails will contain, and how many others are in your community. Here are some examples to help you create your own upgraded CTA.

Source: Flat Fair
Source: Parsley Health

Once you make the switch, don't forget to be consistent in your communications and offer lots of great value. It's a small change that will make a big impact on your email list (and your profitability).

What's your biggest struggle when it comes to email marketing? Tell in the comments. And, if you'll be switching up the call to action on your website to include a lead magnet, incentive or upgraded call to action, drop me a note to let me know!

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