What do bacon, wine, razors and undies all have in common? Well, if you felt the need, you could have each of these items delivered to your abode on the regular, thanks to their subscription services.

I never thought there’d be a time where we’d be subscribing to receive our favourite tighty whities on autopilot, but the owners of MeUndies have built a business that does just that.  

I think it’s a great idea (especially for those of us who need to be down to our last pair of granny undies to warrant a wash), but what I love more is how this company has built a distinctive, refreshing brand in a well established industry.

Here’s what we can learn from this bottom lovin’ brand—

They are in tune with their audience

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that MeUndies is catering for the millennial audience, and they are doing a great job. Here are some of the many ways they have aligned their brand’s values with their audience’s values—

  • They recognise that each of their buyers is unique and have created a range of underwear styles and prints that allow them to express their individuality.  
  • They are transparent about where their undies are created, their factory conditions and employee benefits.    
  • They are about more than sales, partnering with charities and not-for-profits to raise awareness and donate to important causes like Los Angeles LGBT Center and Make-A-Wish by creating special, individualised prints to represent each cause.

They have built a unique brand voice

If you can’t be a little bit cheeky when selling undies, then when can you? MeUndies have created a distinctive brand voice that is casual, tongue-in-cheek, and friendly that is consistent across every channel—from their social media channels, to their advertising and website.

They live out their brand values

A lot of companies have brand values on their websites, but there are far fewer that actually live out their values in a really actionable way. When asked, ‘how do you do it differently to others in your industry?’, MeUndies aren’t short of ways that their operations are unique, and each seem to stem from their core values.

For example, their value to champion differences is clear in their extensive product lines, with ‘something for everybody’ and their commitment to ‘go further’ is seen in their commitment to giving back to their communities, charities, employees and provide exceptional customer service.

With a strong brand behind them, MeUndies has gained a tribe of loyal followers who’ll stick by them and even leap to their defence in the face of criticism. 


Now that’s true brand love.

Photos: MeUndies website & facebook

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