The Brightside Agency

The Brightside Agency

The Brightside Agency are digital ads specialists, working with ecommerce and hotel brands to maximise their return on investment from Facebook and Google ads.


In late 2020, RamondoMedia (now The Brightside Agency) decided they were ready for the next evolution of their brand. Set for growth and expansion, they wanted to attract talented new team members and focus on building a reputation solely around their speciality of digital advertising. Their founder, Paul, also wanted to create a brand that was less reliant on his image and instead highlighted the strength of his team.

Their change in brand was set amongst big changes in the digital advertising space. As privacy concerns became a major concern for the public, companies like Apple and Google responded by changing the way they collect data online. The age of relying on the pixel to deliver leads was over. And for many businesses who relied on digital advertising to help them find new customers, it brought about unpredictability and instability. And yet another change they needed to navigate.

Brand Workshops

With major changes affecting the industry, we asked, what does the future look like for The Brightside’s clients? How can the brand give people control and certainty, in an industry that’s constantly in flux?

The Brightside have always been known for their ability to support their clients through the ups and downs. With every algorithm change and through the uncertainty of COVID, they have always been a steady source of reassurance for their ecommerce and hotel clients.

Leaning into their strengths, we framed a switch to The Brightside Agency as a move towards human-driven marketing. A move towards putting experienced people, not algorithms, at the centre of every marketing decision. And a move towards investing in innovation and strategic thinking.

A move to The Brightside means knowing that what matters most isn’t new data or fresh creative, it’s having the team who are able to innovate and pivot when things inevitably change. And it’s having a partner agency who grows when you grow, and wins when you win.

Visual Identity

The Brightside Agency’s visual identity was built around contrast— dark and light, today and tomorrow, before and after. And in between these extremes is the Biggle (Brightside Squiggle) showing you the path forward, in the shape of a B. This same idea is reinforced with the use of shadows as a supporting element.

With its striking black and yellow palette and bold fonts, this visual identity is daring and distinctive, a nod to the hero personality archetype and the brand’s reputation for being energetic and impact-driven.

Website Design & Development

With their new visual identity in place, The Brightside wanted to launch a simple, one-page website, with the idea that they would add pages as they grow. We designed and developed The Brightside's custom website, showing their process, capabilities and case studies and using their supplied copy. Previous Wordpress users, the team were hesitant to make the switch to Webflow, but since making the move, they haven't looked back. They have full control over their website, no fuss hosting and the ability to make updates quickly and easily.

"Baker Creative made our rebrand fun and collaborative. They allowed our team to take what we unconsciously understood about our brand, and make it conscious.”

Since launching the new brand and website, the Brightside Agency have expanded both their team and their client base. There is a renewed sense of optimism, excitement and confidence in the brand and the team know how to represent the brand in every client interaction. Here's what their CEO, Paul had to say about his experience—

"I started my business about five years ago, and in the beginning, I didn’t invest a lot in my brand. We were just trying to get the business up and running as fast as possible. I spent a lot of time, effort and energy trying to figure out my brand myself, but in the end, I had more questions than answers.

Baker Creative made our rebrand fun and collaborative. They allowed our team to take what we unconsciously understood about our brand, and make it conscious. Now we’re entering into a new chapter of our business, and I can’t wait to show the world what we have in store.”

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