Every business has a story worth sharing. Let's find yours.

If your brand no longer reflects who you are or where you're headed, we can help. Together, we'll uncover and develop the next evolution of your brand, so you can confidently share your message with a bigger audience.

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What we do


In a world full of distractions, the clearest, most resonant brand always wins. To gain traction, you need to stick in people’s minds. But, it’s hard to be memorable if your brand is sending mixed messages. Our branding services are designed to help your team uncover the next iteration of your identity and develop aligned messaging and visuals that your whole team can confidently share.

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Outgrown your website? Your online home is usually the first point of contact your potential clients or team members will have with your business. If it’s not positioning you in the right way, or giving people the information they need, chances are you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your business and stand out as a leader in your space. 

Our collaborative web design process draws on our 20+ combined years of website experience. Together, we can build you a stand out website that drives sales and creates an exceptional customer experience.

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Ready to show off your brand to the world? We can support you in creating your core branded collateral. From digital designs to printed pieces, we'll work with you to build out a consistent identity across your brand collateral. Whether you need stationery, social media graphics or signage, we can ensure that every touchpoint reflects your brand.

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Kane Baker

Nice to meet you, I’m Kane. Sparkling water guzzler, AFL fan, one half of a pop punk band and a huge systems, efficiency and automation nerd.

Ask my mum and she’ll tell you I always loved drawing as a kid, but my penchant for graphic design began when I designed my first band poster, guessing my way through a cracked version of Photoshop on my old PC. A few years, a new iMac and a paid version of Photoshop later, I began my design degree and started a side-gig called Baker Creative.

While I moonlighted as a freelancer, my day job afforded me the pleasure of working with clients like Waldecks, Scotiabank, University of British Columbia and Australia Post. I honed my skills in website design, packaging design, branding and creative direction, and discovered a deep interest in creating systems to speed up my workflow and our clients’. 

In 2015, spurred on by creating a better kind of agency, Lisa and I took the leap together to turn Baker Creative into a full-time business. Today, my approach to creative direction always begins with strategy. Every colour, line, button and layout is deliberately designed to connect and persuade, so our clients can achieve their growth goals.

Lisa D'Andrea

Hi, I’m Lisa— a fast-talking brand strategist, self-development buff and audiobook binger, with an unquenchable curiosity for human behaviour. 

I had my first taste of what it was like to be a part of an impact-driven team while working in the arts and not-for-profit sectors. Since then, I’ve always felt like work should have a purpose beyond a paycheque, and I’ve looked for it in every job I’ve had.

When Kane and I decided to go all in on Baker Creative, we both knew that it couldn’t just be about beautiful design. We wanted our business to create change too. That’s when I discovered a deep interest in brand strategy, and fell in love with the idea that any business (no matter what they do) could change conversations, industries and communities for the better.

I know first hand that trying to clarify your brand message when you live and breathe it everyday is a bit like trying to read the label from inside the jar. The solution is there, but sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to see things clearly. 

Today, I help businesses untangle all the ideas about their brand, tease out what they want to be known for, find connection points with their ideal customers and turn it into one clear, genuine, shareable narrative.


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