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The best way to learn more about branding is to understand the strategies behind the brands that do it best.

This segment pays homage to those brands (big and small) that are kicking goals with their brands—from their visuals to their brand voice, these people have found their place, their tribe and their style.

The brainchild of a sports scientist turned monk and an advertising exec, Headspace’s mission is to ‘improve the health and happiness of the world’, and with millions of users worldwide, it seems they are well on track to achieve that goal.

From a branding perspective, Headspace is doing a lot of things right, but let’s take a look at 3 things we love about this brand. 

1. They’ve nailed their visuals

Sure, the illustrations are pretty cute, but they are more than that. There are few brands who have committed to using illustration (and who use it well) throughout every aspect of their marketing. Headspace is building in brand memorability through its unique, whimsical illustration style. Illustrations can communicate complex or abstract concepts creatively, making it perfect for explaining the topic of meditation.

Most people who are looking into meditation or mindfulness are going to be looking for a solution to their problem— fatigue, depression, lack of creativity, anxiety, stress. Essentially, they are searching for happiness. Headspace have created a friendly, accessible and relatable look and feel for their brand, so they can sell this end goal of happiness. From their font choices, to their illustration style and colour palette, every element oozes happiness.


2. They keep it simple and user friendly

From their straightforward copy to their facebook ads, website design and app design, Headspace’s m.o. seems to be ‘say more with less.’ Their website features clear calls to action and simple, straightforward copy, making it easy for people to learn, digest and understand what Headspace do. They’ve also invested in several engaging videos to help people to learn about their product.


Take a look at the facebook ad below. They’ve avoided the temptation to say too much, and instead, focused on the transformation.


 3. They give before they get

Consumers are a sceptical bunch, even with low cost items. Headspace offer a free trial to give their potential customers a taste of their paid product.

This freebie allows Headspace to build trust with their potential customers. They’re sharing a basic level of their product for free, knowing that if that person has a great experience and they want more, they will be likely to move onto their paid services. Because their potential customer enters their email and name in order to get the freebie, Headspace also has the opportunity to build a relationship via email as well. This helpful free content is a perfect way to build brand awareness, trust and authority within their industry.  

What do you think about the headspace brand? Is there anything they do that you can apply to your own brand? Tell me in the comments!

Find out more about Headspace here.

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Brands We Love: Headspace

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