Go-To Skincare is a shining example of branding done really well. 

After being sucked in by their clever copy, I placed an order a few years back and loved everything about their customer experience, from their confirmation emails through to their packaging design. In fact, their mirror sticker is still sitting pretty in my bathroom right now. So, it was only a matter of time 'til they ended up on our blog as a ‘brand we love’.

While they’re doing a lot right, today I wanted to focus on 3 things I love about this peach clad brand.  

1. They have a distinctive voice & message.

Go-To’s brand story is all about simplicity and fun— a range of ‘go-to’ products that have done away with complicated ingredients that no one can pronounce. Their limited colour palette, minimal designs, uncomplicated product line and easy to understand copy all speak to this idea of ‘simple is better’.

But, while I love their refreshing approach to skincare, I think their brand voice and personality is what has really differentiated their brand. Go-to’s brand voice is wonderfully witty, funny, down to earth. Unlike the juggernauts of the skincare industry, Go-to aren’t afraid to be a little bit silly. This tack may have turned off some people, but I have no doubt that their unique voice and personality has also helped them to stand out and build a loyal following too.

The takeaway: Build your brand around a core idea or message that is easy for people to understand and remember, and don’t be afraid to inject some personality into into your copy if you want to stand out.

2. They create experience peaks.

Did you know that, after the initial excitement of ordering a product wears off, it’s very likely your customers will feel a pang of buyer’s remorse? This is especially true for higher priced items, and for products or services that don’t provide instant results or gratification.

Go-to know that the customer experience extends well beyond the point where money exchanges hands and have created ‘peaks’ or ways to delight post-sale.

First, they keep the buyer in the loop about the progress of their order. Two emails are sent post-purchase, one to confirm the order and another when it is shipped with a tracking number. This by itself is not unusual (although appreciated). It was actually the the copy in the email messages that made me smile and laugh out loud.

When the package of goodies does arrive on the customer’s doorstep, Go-to elevates the excitement of the unboxing experience. The brand knows that either this is a special gift, or the person has treated themselves to new products and have been waiting patiently to receive them. They know it’s likely to be a highlight of their day, so they use small details, like quippy statements on the outside of the parcel and little surprise gifts like mirror stickers, cosmetics bags and fortune cookies to turn what could have been a pretty ordinary moment, into a remarkable, memorable one.


The takeaway: We tend to remember things that are surprisingly good or surprisingly bad. By understanding how your customer is likely feeling before, during and after the sale, you can create peak, memorable moments that delight your customers.

3. They know their customers. Really well.

The Go-to team know that great marketing begins by answering the question “what do my customers need to believe in order to buy my products or services?”

Their customers already have a whole lot of expectations, beliefs and ideas about their problem before they even encounter their products, so they spend time engaging with buyers, understanding what these are, addressing them and educating them about how their products are a great solution.   

Go-to are really good at speaking to their audience’s pain points, highlighting common misconceptions and educating customers about the ingredients, science and benefits behind their products. You can see this in the easy to understand facts, transformation stories and testimonials sprinkled throughout their social media and website.


The takeaway: Get to know your customers really well. What do they already believe? What do they need to believe in order to want your products or services? What questions do they have? Once you understand any misconceptions or questions they could have, you can find a way to address these in your marketing.

Go-to has become my go-to for branding inspiration and I hope their strategies inspire you in your entrepreneurial journey! Did any of these ideas strike a chord with you? I'd love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and tell me how you could make these strategies work in your business.

Images: gotoskincare.com & @gotoskincare.

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