Mar 29, 2022

Could Your Brand Experience Be Stifling Sales?


I'm a brand strategist that loves helping people clarify their message so they can stand out in their space. I'm on a mission to help business owners simplify what they do and build connection with their clients.


Kane is our Co-Founder and Art Director who loves the psychology of branding. He's passionate about creating timeless visual systems that anyone can use.

In this week’s episode of Brand-Led, we share a personal story from a recent trip to Broome, where we stayed in two different hotels. We discuss how brand experiences on and offline impacted perceptions of each hotel, where we booked and where we’d stay again given the choice. 

We discuss:

  • Why your website experience matters when selling your services and how hotel websites dictated where we booked and how much we were willing to pay.
  • The importance of setting realistic expectations on your website and creating consistent experiences on and offline.

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