How Much Should You Pay For Branding?

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In this episode, we’re talking branding budgets, and how you can work out yours. Many people aren’t sure what they ‘should’ spend on their branding. And, it makes sense, because branding is not something you invest in everyday. The truth is, the value you place on your branding may be wildly different to the next business. And as you may have already figured out, every branding studio will charge different rates. 

So, instead of asking ‘how much should I pay?’, in this episode we’re helping you work out what branding is worth to your business.

We reveal:

  • Our easy, 4-step formula for setting a budget for your branding project (or any business expense)
  • Some of the tangible and intangible benefits of branding and how to assign a monetary value to them.
  • Why setting a ballpark budget puts you in control as you evaluate branding suppliers

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How Much Should You Pay For Branding?

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