Branding vs Marketing: What’s the Difference?

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Where does branding end and marketing begin? The line can be a blurry one. And with so many people defining these terms differently, it’s no surprise some business owners are confused about what they should be spending time on. In this week’s episode, we’re untangling these terms to help you decide where to focus in 2022 and beyond.

In this episode:

  • How we define brand, branding and marketing and an example to explain the difference
  • Do you actually need to define your brand before you begin marketing?
  • Should new businesses begin with branding or marketing?
  • How your brand affects your marketing strategy
  • Our thoughts on the idea that brand is fixed and marketing is changing
  • And lots more!

This is our last episode for 2021, but we’ll be back in 2022 to help you build an incomparable brand!

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Branding vs Marketing: What’s the Difference?

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