The Power of the Quick Win

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Back in 2015 in rainy Vancouver, I sat cross-legged on our bed, in our teeny tiny laneway house, determined to tackle the mystery that was search engine optimisation (SEO).

My motivation to learn waned as I hunted around Google, scanning through articles filled with more acronyms, elaborate lists and complex strategies.

But then, I found Brian Dean’s blog, with it’s simple, practical SEO strategies. Within a matter of hours I had managed to implement some of his tips, and I was hooked.

I spent days binging on all of his emails, videos and posts, and he quickly became my go-to SEO guy.

There was nothing wrong with everyone else’s content, but Brian was able to give me the quick win I needed to stay motivated and feel a sense of accomplishment.

If you want to change someone’s life, change their day first.

Whether they're starting a business, hiring a team member, learning to draw, creating a new website, or posting their first youtube video—too often your customer will get stuck in inaction because it all just feels way too hard.

That’s why habit researchers like James Clear often talk about tiny habits—simplifying and breaking down the thing you’re trying to do into smaller, easier actions.

So, for example, if you wanted to start a daily habit of running for an hour, you’d first start with just running for 5 minutes, or even just walking around the block.

This creates a small win that you can gradually build upon. And these little victories are what makes us feel motivated and inspired to continue with our new habits. They help us to form the belief that the end goal is possible.

So, even though you might really want to help your customer to achieve big things, sometimes the small wins are what they actually need to keep going. Or, as Pat Flynn says, “If you want to change someone’s life, change their day first.”

How can you change your customer’s day?

Get intentional about creating content that is focused on giving your customer a small win. Stuck on what to say? Here are some steps to help you figure it out.

  1. Choose one thing your ideal customer is trying to achieve or one thing they struggle with. E.g. I want to get a better night’s sleep
  2. If you were to help them solve that problem or achieve that goal, what would they need to know about or do? E.g. What not to eat and drink, How to set up your bedroom 
  3. Simplify it even further. What’s one simple, easy tip, hack or strategy you could show them that they can do in their lunch break (30-60 mins)? E.g. Stop drinking coffee after 2pm, try a free 1 minute sleep meditation, or use Night Shift on your phone.
  4. Give them the simple steps they need to implement and the encouragement they need to act! 

Quick wins are a great way to get new customers interested in your brand and your content, so include them on social, in blog posts, on podcasts, in your lead magnets and in your email welcome sequences for new subscribers.

Ok— now it’s your turn. What quick win can you help your customers achieve today?

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The Power of the Quick Win

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