Dec 16, 2019

Your Summer Reading List


I'm a brand strategist that loves helping people clarify their message so they can stand out in their space. I'm on a mission to help business owners simplify what they do and build connection with their clients.


Kane is our Co-Founder and Art Director who loves the psychology of branding. He's passionate about creating timeless visual systems that anyone can use.

“What motivates you to do what you do?”

Sitting under the fairy lights in the leafy backyard at a friend’s Christmas party, sangria in hand, the conversation with our new friend had skipped right over the surface level questions and into the deep stuff. And I loved it.

Our answer? We do it for the freedom and flexibility. We do it to make a living. But mostly we do it for the impact we can have.

Kane and I get really excited seeing people doing what they love. We don’t want them to have to settle in a job they feel lukewarm about because they couldn’t stand out in their industry and find the clients they needed to be profitable. 

We get warm fuzzies by helping people like you look professional, stand out, feel confident and kick goals.

In just 15 days we’ll be ringing in the new year. And we want your next year to be wildly profitable and successful in any way you want to define it.

So, today in our last post for 2019, I’m rounding up the freebies and blog posts that are going to help you plan for an incredible year (or decade) ahead.

If you’re wondering—

  • How do I create a clear, strong brand message?
  • How do I get more customers?
  • How do I get more website visitors to buy?
  • How do I create a visual identity that looks professional?

I’ve answered all of those questions right here on the blog. So if you’re new here, missed some of our articles or just want to revisit some forgotten posts, I’ve collated some of the best ones below.

This time last year I wrote a post on how to evaluate the previous year and set goals for the year ahead. If you’re not sure what you need to focus on, that’s the perfect place to get started! Otherwise, jump into the posts that are most relevant to what you want to achieve below.

Creating a strong brand message

Attracting more of the right customers

Creating the perfect visuals for your business

Optimising your business and productivity

Happy reading! We're working on lots of content and freebies to help you stand out online in 2020 and we want to know what you're interested in. Would you like to see more design related tutorials? More of our internal processes? We'd love to hear your requests and ideas! Pop your suggestions in the comments below!

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