Hidden Hills Villas

Hidden Hills Villas

Hidden Hills is a luxury villa resort, set in the hills of picturesque Uluwatu, Bali.


When Max and his mum, Beatrice, opened the doors to Hidden Hills back in 2015, they set out to create a series of luxury private villas that felt like a home away from home.

The biggest goal for the Hidden Hills team was to increase the volume of hotel bookings directly through their website. Like many hoteliers, they noted that they were losing 12-25% of their nightly revenue when guests book through (online travel agencies) OTAs, like TripAdvisor and Expedia. By the numbers, it looked like they were receiving a significant amount of traffic through search engines, but very few people would click beyond the first page, let alone make a booking.

The team also felt that their online presence was failing to capture the luxe Hidden Hills Villas experience. And, despite wanting to update their website, they felt limited within their platform (Wordpress) to make changes without hiring an experienced developer.

Visual Identity

To address these issues, we supported the Hidden Hills Villas team to build a new website that was optimised for conversations and refreshed their visual identity. 

First, we created a refreshed visual identity that better aligned with Hidden Hills’ in-person experience. This included a logo update, a new set of fonts and new colour palette. We also colour coded each villa to highlight its theme.


After sitting down with the Hidden Hills team to plan their website requirements, we were able to build each website page with their visitors in mind. Each villa received a dedicated page, highlighting its unique features, highlights and photo galleries. We selected and colour graded their photography to create a cohesive look and feel and made sure to include their positive guest reviews and influencer photos, as well as their multiple awards. We also used strong calls to action throughout and added pop ups and reminders of their best price guarantee for booking directly through the hotel.

Supporting their marketing team’s copy, we made sure to optimise their website for search engines. We updated their on-page content, title tags and meta descriptions with relevant keywords to help them to drive higher quality traffic to their website via search engines. Behind the scenes, we built the Hidden Hills Villas website in Webflow to make editing text and imagery easy for their marketing team and to take advantage of their automatic backups and all in one hosting.

In the back end of the website, we set up dynamic collections for villa pages, highlights, blog posts, and testimonials to make adding new content and managing existing content fast and simple. We also added integrations with Mailchimp for building their email list and instagram so their website shows their latest social posts. Then, we connected their website to their preferred booking system to make it easy for them to collect bookings online.

"I can’t emphasise how happy I am. Thank you for your amazing work...the site is absolutely fantastic and we are very happy with the outcome.”

The Hidden Hills team have enjoyed how easy Webflow has been to use in making updates and their ability to take full control of their website. With a significant increase in direct bookings since the launch and multiple first page search engine results page rankings, the Hidden Hills team were thrilled about the website refresh and its impact on their business.

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